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මව්බිම 2013.06.30 (Mawbima) Download

මව්බිම 2013.07.03 (Mawbima) Download

දිනමිණ 27.08.2013 (Dinamina) Download

The Island 20.08.2013 (Dinamina) Download

දිනමිණ 27.08.2013 (Dinamina) Download

ලංකාදීප 16.09.2013 (Lankadeepa) Download

ලංකාදීප 17.09.2013 (Lankadeepa) Download

Daily News 14.09.2013 Download

දිනමිණ 12.09.2013 (Dinamina) Download

සිළුමිණ 15.09.2013 (Silumina) Download

Sunday Times 15.09.2013 Download

Daily Mirror 10.01.2014 Download

අද 10.01.2014 (Ada) Download

ලංකාදීප 30.01.2014 (Lankadeepa) Download
















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